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  Mission, Vision and Values:


To become a leading provider of integrated mechanical and electrical services and products by delivering unmatched experience, quality and innovation, while creating long term relationships and tangible value for our employees and customers.


American Motive Power is committed to creating customer success by delivering superior leadership and operational excellence in every endeavor and undertaking the formulation of strong partnerships, teamwork and trust relationships with every customer, employee and supplier.              


Commitments to Excellence - Consistently exceed expectations.

Honesty and Integrity - Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do.

Safety - Create a safe working environment in all operating locations.

Respect - Honor the rights of all involved.

Communication - Communicate clearly and directly with all involved. 

Employee Satisfaction - Create employee opportunity for growth and development.

Innovation and Creativity - Apply creative ingenuity to make us better, faster and first.

Resiliency - No obstacle will stop us from accomplishing our goals.

Teamwork - Above all else, work together as a team and one group of professionals.

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